Why we love Netflix® and why you'll love OTL the Comp Ticket Underground


Murdoch Mysteries, The Fall, Daredevil, Miss Fisher Mysteries…

...not exactly mainstream shows but due to the genius of “Netflix®”, those titles have become topic for conversation for the past year amongst our family/friends team here at Worldwide Seats.

Sharing our newest hidden gem discoveries in the form of new TV series to immerse ourselves in AND getting a thumbs up from the rest of our team on our pick has become our latest hobby and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

No, not every available show is appealing us, but Netflix® does an amazing job of offering a diverse line up and introducing its subscribers to shows we never would have found otherwise. Whether solving a mystery in a little English village or previewing life-changing inventions in turn of the century Toronto or getting to know Jamie Dornan as a psychopathic killer rather than by his fifty shades, Netflix® takes us away and allows us to escape.

With OTL’s recent change to monthly subscriptions, we’ve found a number of similarities and are proud to resemble the amazing Netflix® business model with OTL the Comp Ticket Underground’s Live Event Memberships.

• OTL Memberships are now available via monthly subscription – pay as you go, cancel anytime
• OTL Memberships are less than $10/£10 a month – and that’s for TWO seats per event, not just one and multiple events, not just one
• OTL Members peruse live event offerings and select what they’re interested in without even thinking about ticket prices. Just as Netflix® shows are part of the subscription, OTL’s Live Event tickets are part of the subscription
• OTL introduces members to amazing hidden gems right in their own backyard – cool little theatres, gut busting comedians, musical performances from future Grammy® winners, magicians that make you wonder “How?” for days, and so much more and so much more to come…

Whereas Netflix® allows for a fun distraction at home, OTL encourages members to unplug and get out and be social again – allunplug, get out more, things to do, fun things to do, bored and need things to do, girls night out, date nights,  things to do this weekend while receiving free tickets to events that the general public still pays for.

By the way… if you haven’t binged on Murdoch or Miss Fisher Mysteries, get your pj’s on, grab some popcorn and be transported to an era without cell phones, TVs or computers…

But then, get back on that computer that has been invented…. OTL is waiting for you… with theatre, music, comedy and so much more!